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As the busy mom of 4, I am always looking for great gifts that I can grab and have ready to go!  Whether it be the perfect gift for a teacher, gifts for neighbors or something special for my mom, a friend or even myself, I love a gift that looks beautiful.  They are just more fun to open!


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It’s been a year and the honeymoon is over – T1D

It’s been a year and the honeymoon is over…but I’m in it for life!  It was 1 year ago today that I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic (T1D).  I was 49 years old when I received the news.  Talk about a a surprising diagnosis and a life changing day!!  I had never heard of an adult being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes but it happens.   You can read my original blog post to know more of the story but just suffice to say that it’s been a journey.  I received my insulin pump 6 months post diagnosis on my 50th birthday. It really was a gift as it gives me so much more control and flexibility on the tennis court.


The first year hasn’t been that bad.  As a matter of fact, many parents of child T1Ds report wondering if there was a misdiagnosis that first year.  My sugars were so easily managed that I often wondered the same thing!  But, all good things must come to an end and the honeymoon is OVER!  


The “honeymoon” is a period of time that varies from each individual but your body still creates a tiny amount of insulin so you don’t have to be quite as strict and things just kind of work out.  (I’m sure my doctor wouldn’t approve of my explanation or lack of discipline but it’s just how it is when you have 4 kids and a busy life!)  Nonetheless, it’s sad to be leaving the honeymoon as this is when the going gets tough.  My initial A1C value was 10.1.  Through fairly rigid carbohydrate counting and careful administration of insulin, my A1C ran about 5.9 most of the year.  This involved at least 2,000 finger pricks, over 1,000 insulin shots plus almost 100 infusion set changes.   The last 3 weeks my finger pricks are frequently revealing elevated sugar levels which is a huge indicator that the honeymoon is over.  My A1C has risen to 6.4.  I strongly believe that with tighter management of my carbohydrate counting that I will continue to be a well managed diabetic. Gone are the days of a haphazard snack.  Everything must be included in the calculation.  


Diabetes is a disease that is hard because there isn’t an exact science to the dosing.  Stress, exercise, sleep, among lots of other things, impact the way your body metabolizes sugar and therefore your insulin amounts can vary from day to day for the exact menu of food.  What works for one person won’t work for another and what works one day might not work the next.  T1D is one of the few diseases that you are given life saving medicine and told “Don’t take too much or you will die.  Don’t take too little or you will die.  Good luck”    


I have an amazing doctor and team of nurses and a great support system but my point is that only the person living with the disease can manage it.  Just like most issues in life, you can’t wish them away.  You can’t fix it for someone else.  You can’t love it out of them!  They have to want it.  They have to live it.  They have to walk their walk.  It’s been a year.  The honey moon is over but I’m stuck with this for life.  The novelty has worn off and it’s kind of a drag to manage this disease 24/7 but it is what it is.  So, as with most things in life, I will meet the challenge head on.  T1D messed with the wrong girl.  I will not let this disease get the best of me!  (I will say it’s taking a toll on my skin but I’m combating the signs of aging with my amazing side biz and the #1 premium anti-aging skincare available in the US!  

If you have a friend or family member with T1D, be supportive.  Ask questions. 

Some of the frequent misconceptions:  

Yes, we eat real sugar! 

No, we didn’t do anything to cause this to happen.  

No, diet and exercise won’t cure it.  

Mostly, understand that we aren’t that different than you!  I still eat most everything I ate before but just with more moderation:)  We are praying for a cure and I’m super excited about the closed loop “artificial pancreas” that’s just been approved by the FDA! I’m already in the queue to get it when it’s released in the spring!  We are all praying that one day, Type ONE will be Type NONE!  Until then, if you see me reaching down the front of my shirt, I’m (probably) trying to find my pump!


I’m thankful for my friends and family for their unwavering concern and support!  I love you guys!!


The Dangers of Tanning Beds

Now that summer is in full swing, I know many of you are anxious to be sporting that golden tan!  Before you do anything….watch this video!  The visual of the effectiveness of sunscreen was so impactful to me!  And, seeing how much sun damage is lurking under the skin’s surface was frightening!  Please wear sunscreen daily  Every. Single. Day…even if it’s cloudy, even if you’re not going to be outside. The best wrinkle is the one you never get and it’s not what you see but what you don’t see that’s making your skin look dull and lifeless.  Prevention is key so start young.  Start early. But know that it’s never too late to reverse the visible signs of aging.




So, maybe you know that the sun isn’t healthy, so a fake tan must be better, right?!  WRONG!  Before you consider the tanning bed, there’s a few things you need to know.


Tanning beds are as dangerous as the sun.  The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services lists UV Radiation from tanning beds as carcinogens.  

  1. The increased risk of melanoma associated with tanning bed use is 59% for people whose first exposure to artificial UV rays in a tanning bed occurred before age 35 years. That risk increases with the number of tanning bed sessions per year. Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, kills one person every 50 minutes.
  2. Dangers of Tanning – Melanoma Foundation

  3. mfne.org/prevent-melanoma/dangers-of-tanning/

Instead of a tan that’s harmful and will age you, why not consider a spray tan or, better yet, a self tanner that’s much more economical?  My favorite dynamic duo is the Essentials Self Tanner from Rodan+Fields and the Microdermabrasion Paste!  This 1-2 combo delivers great results!  It was my #springbreak this year!  Totally saved my lily white skin!


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My Free Valentine’s Day Gift To You!



What is better than a Valentine’s Day Gift? A FREE Valentine’s Day gift!


February is the month of L O V E! And I want YOU to LOVE the skin you’re in!


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Be kind. Be gentle. You are magnificent and perfectly made! But if you could change one thing about your skin, what would it be? Do you see wrinkles? Loss of firmness? Sun damage or age spots? Acne? Redness?  


I know I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and thought “Holy wow! What happened to me?!” If you are young, take care of your skin now because you will wake up one day wondering the same thing! But luckily, it’s NEVER too late to bring out your skin’s natural beauty and literally take years off of your face!


I’d LOVE the help you get the best skin of your life. It warms my heart to help people feel happy and more confident!


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Think outside of the box! Sugar is not your friend. According to anti-aging specialist Dr. Nicolas Perricone, there is a direct link between a spike in blood sugar and wrinkles! Yes….sugar gives us wrinkles! So instead of chocolates, ask your sweetie to surprise you with something you can really use and LOVE! Or, better yet, buy it for yourself! All of our products come with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee so I can promise you will love it or I’ll help you get a refund!  


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