Mother’s Day Free Giveaway!

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I’m feeling generous!


What better gift can you give your mom than something she deserves? Treat your mom to the anti-aging skincare that works as hard as she does. You know you gave her most of those wrinkles so why not help her out!  


Rodan + Fields is the #1 premium anti-aging skincare brand in the United States. Our products are clinically proven to work and come with a 60 day money back guarantee! And you don’t have to worry about choosing the right products. We have gift certificates available so Mom gets exactly what she needs! As an added bonus, we’re giving away a FREE CONSULT with every gift certificate so Mom will be all taken care of on her special day!


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Happy Mother’s Day!


mother's day free giveaway




Skin Care Tips for Travel to Different Climates

skin care tips for travel to different climates

This photo was from the Elk Reserve sleigh ride in Jackson Hole, WY. We were there for the most brutal cold spell in January 2016. These tips saved my skin!!


Living in Oklahoma, our weather changes frequently! Seriously, we can have temperature swings from day to day that would make you dizzy! Changes in climate due to travel, (or Mother Nature!) can wreak havoc on your skin. We spend a lot of time in the mountains in Colorado. We love summer hiking and winter skiing but man, can it dry you out! With Spring Break approaching for many, I thought it would be good to give you some great skin care tips for travel to different climates.


High Altitude Tips: 

USE SUNSCREEN even if it’s cloudy. The sun is a lot stronger at higher altitudes and you will burn. For every 3,000 feet in elevation the UV radiation is increased 10-12% so carry it with you in your day pack.

Remember to protect your lips as well. It’s amazingly painful to sunburn your lips and it happens quickly in the mountains!  

Add humidity to your living space via a humidifier or an old fashioned pot of boiling water on the stove top! Using nasal saline will help you avoid nosebleeds by keeping the nasal membranes moist.

Adding extra moisturizer, morning and night, will also make a big difference in your skin.


Dry Climates:

Dry climates lead to dry skin! You can avoid this dry climate pitfall but reducing the heat in your shower. I know, a long hot shower is heavenly but it pulls the moisture out of your skin leaving your skin itchy and dry. Take a shorter, cooler shower and add moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp. This will help lock in some extra moisture.

If you prefer baths over showers, adding a few drops of bath oil will help combat the dry skin.  

Regular use of a body microdermabrasion paste or loofah sponge will help stimulate circulation and will remove the excess dead skin cells.

Choose products that contain humectants (such as sodium hyalurante, glycol acid and glycerin) which will attract water and help the skin retain the moisture.  

Again, adding humidity (see above) is important.


Tropical Climates: As much as I love the beach, heat and humidity increase oil production and can spell trouble for acne prone skin.

Clay based cleansers work best in the tropics to keep pores clear and to prevent blemishes.

Use an oil free moisturizer on areas that feel dry and tight and remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Milder products will likely feel better on your skin as stronger products tend to sting in hot and humid environments.  


And, before you go, you might consider getting a sun-kissed glow the healthy way. The Sunless Tanner from Rodan and Fields is one of my new favorites! It’s lightweight and oil-free it doesn’t turn your skin a funny color.  


Bookmark these skin care tips for travel to different climates and travel on! Just be prepared, adjust your skin care routine and your skin will be glowing and beautiful!

Contact me today to find the products that are right for you!


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The Top 2 Things to Know About Eye Cream


Need to minimize those crow’s feet? Can you pack for Europe in the bags under your eyes? GOOD NEWS! Here are the top 2 things to know about eye cream.


I was so excited to stumble across The Beauty Department and their blog about eye cream. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am NOT a make up girl! As a matter of fact, I was a Dove soap washer prior to finding Rodan + Fields skincare and I have recently had my makeup applied permanently (tattooed) because it’s just not my forte! My skin has always been so dry that foundation was never an option for me so I guess I just avoided it altogether for a long time. Due to my dryness (and affinity for smiling!), my crow’s feet are my biggest challenge. And, when I’d use eye cream on my crow’s feet, I’d wake up with puffy eyes. Who knew that it was because I wasn’t applying it correctly?!


The Top 2 Things to Know About Eye Cream


#1 – Apparently that stuff can move! When you apply eye cream and head to bed, the heat from your body warms the eye cream and it can spread up to an inch! Knowing where to put your eye cream is key. See our graphic for instructions.


#2 – Another thing I recently learned about eye cream is that quantity is important. Since I was puffy when I used it, I decided that using less was the answer. Wrong! Once I read the Beauty Department blog, and started placing my eye cream in the proper location, I was able to use a lot more product! Now, I use about a pea sized amount on each eye. I divide it between the upper and lower lid and voila!  My eyes look amazing in the morning.  

BONUS – Another trick to helping my eyes look rested and more youthful is that I’ve been using the Acute Care product for expression lines from Rodan + Fields. These wrinkle fillers are AH-MAZING! Talk about a viable alternative to a needle! The tag line is “fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle required”. Sign me up! This video shows the proper technique for using these “magic strips”. They feel a bit like velcro at first but the product softens as you sleep. You use it 3 times a week for 10 treatments and to receive great results that will last a couple of months. I saw results after my first use! Best news? All of the products purchased from Rodan+Fields come with a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back…no questions asked!


I’m here to help you…just contact me for a FREE skin consultation!

The Top 2 Things to Know About Eye Cream


Hunting for Great Skincare This Easter?

Easter 2016

Hunting for great skincare this Easter? Look no further! Rodan+Fields has some of the best hidden gems you could ask for.


R+F has such high profile products that sometimes our lesser known products get lost in the shuffle. As my Easter gift to you, I’m going to highlight some products that you may not know about – some very shiny eggs for your basket.


  1. The Amp MD roller was touted by Today Show as the best spent minute in anti-aging and it’s a fabulous way to get the most out of your products. It can be used on all skin types except sensitive skin and active acne.
  2. The Macro-Exfoliator is another fabulous tool that’s used once a week to sweep away up to 5 MILLION dead skin cells in just 5 minutes. The Review Broads loved it!
  3. Lip Serum is addictive! I love it! And so does Vogue! Fuller, plumper lips are just a swipe away!
  4. Acute Care – Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle required! Here’s how it works!


Easter is a time for renewal. These products will supplement your daily skincare routine and put you well on your way to a newer, younger-looking you! Guaranteed.


Need more help finding the right products for you? The attached link will take you to the Solutions Tool where the doctors’ combined knowledge is packed into a quick assessment tool that will recommend the correct product for your skin type! The first 25 people to complete the assessment (by sending an email at the end of the tool) will receive a FREE Gift from me! The email will contain a summary of the information for your easy reference in the future.


When hunting for great skincare this Easter, start with Rodan+Fields!

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Think Great Skin Is Just For The Lucky?


Think great skin is just for the lucky? Guess again!   


I always thought that people aged like their parents. Seriously, in high school, I remember having conversations about skin and being told “your mom looks great, so you will age gracefully, too!” and I was hopeful that was the case because my mom always looked so young. She is now almost 78 and looks AMAZING!!  


But, what if your mom doesn’t look so good? Are you doomed to wrinkles and premature aging? NO! Researchers have found that only 20% of how we visibly age is due to our genetics. That means that 80% is due to the environment and our habits! This is great news!!


But, what if you look in the mirror and don’t love what you see? Do you still think great skin is just for the lucky? I have more good news! If you thought you were a lost cause, due to years of suntanning with baby oil and aluminum foil or from years of smoking, it’s not too late! It’s never too late to start reversing the visible signs of aging. I grew up on the soccer field and didn’t know the word sunscreen. When we lived in California, I had sunburned hair – no joke. My dark brown hair was dried to a crisp and turned a burnt red. I can only imagine the damage that sun did to my skin! What I wouldn’t give to go back and redo those sunburns! After having 4 kids, the last being twins, I had terrible melasma. I was so thankful to find skincare that could help reverse the damage. Today, my skin looks amazing!  


You, too, can start on the road to younger looking skin by incorporating an effective daily skincare regimen and adding some good skin habits (like sunscreen) and other hidden gems from my recent blog Hunting for Great Skincare this Easter. Knowing you control your skin’s destiny is almost as good as finding a four-leaf clover! Proven results with a money back guarantee is even better!


Get Started Today!


Thank you for finding us! If you’re here it means you want to get serious about skincare and stopping the aging process in its tracks – maybe even turning back time. We’re excited to be your introduction to Rodan+Fields.


Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv®, R+F exemplifies innovation. The extensive line of products means there is something for everyone no matter your age or skin type. Rodan+Fields aims to “redefine the future of aging.” If you’re already familiar with the products, you know we’re succeeding. If you haven’t used our products yet, welcome to your journey to healthy, glowing skin!


R+F consultants are trained to help you find your skincare match. We are committed to making sure the experience you have with our products and the company leave you feeling excited and renewed. Personal attention to your needs is a top priority for us. You should be proud of what you see when you look in a mirror and we want to be your partner in making that happen. Do you want to find your way to a new you? Someone who gets complimented on how lovely her skin looks today? Our consultants are ready to help.


Already in love with R+F skincare and want to know more about how to earn free products, put some money in your pocket and help others be proud of their own reflections? Consider becoming a consultant. R+F has been the fastest growing skincare company in the country for the last six years and our acne line leads the field for premium acne products. Our commitment to “achieving a high standard of excellence in business operations” has paved the way to numerous awards for business campaigns and products. We have worked hard to be a company you can trust. Being part of our team means having people around you who support you and are dedicated to your success.


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