Top 10 Healthy Skin Habits

I wish someone had given me the Top 10 Healthy Skin Habits list when I was growing up! Then I would have known more about skincare and protecting my (very fair) skin! The years of soccer and sunburn weren’t the best combination!


Here are the Top 10 Healthy Skin Habits that you should practice and share!


  1. Protect your skin from the sun. By far the best wrinkle cream on the market is UVA/UVB sunscreen!  The best wrinkle is the one you never get!
  2. Don’t smoke…ever! Smoking causes lots of toxins to enter your body and causes your blood vessels to constrict which impairs circulation. It inhibits your skin’s ability to form collagen and results in dry, saggy skin.
  3. Get your beauty rest and sleep on your back! Cell regeneration occurs at night so it’s critical to get your rest. Most adults function best with 8-9 hours of shut-eye each night but the average person sleeps less than 7. In addition, your sleep position could be permanently etching sleep lines in your face. It’s hard to do at first…but train yourself to sleep on your back to avoid crushing wrinkles into your face.  I’ve found that sleeping with a travel neck pillow helps stabilize my head so I don’t tend to roll over.
  4. Reduce your stress levels. That sallow appearance of an exceptionally stressed out individual is due to our bodies responding by sending blood and nutrients to our vital organs during stressful events and thereby bypassing our skin. The increased cortisol levels reduces the body’s ability to repair and regenerate. Great ways to reduce stress are yoga, meditation, warm bath, massage, long walk, reading, getting a good night’s rest or visiting with a friend (or therapist)!
  5. Eat Healthy Food. Sugar, and refined carbohydrates, will accelerate the aging process while whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables will help slow the aging process.  
  6. Exercise Regularly. Exercise is good for you for so many reasons! It really helps your skin by increasing circulation which in turn helps all of the nutrients reach your skin. Consistent exercise also reduces stress which will help your skin as well. (See #4)
  7. Just Say No to Two in a Row. Alcohol dehydrates your body and disrupts your sleep cycle. It also dilates small blood vessels and can cause facial flushing, which can become permanent. I’m too old for a hangover! I don’t have time and don’t like to feel badly and ruin the entire next day! My habit of drinking one drink followed by two glasses of water helps keep you hydrated and sober. As a type-1 diabetic this is also a good habit for staying alive!
  8. Find a good skin care regimen and stick with it. It’s so important that you find a skin care regimen that works for your skin type and that works for you! Compliance is important, so be sure you find something that you can consistently use. Look closely in the mirror (without makeup) and then find a skin care product that addresses the specific needs of your skin. I happen to LOVE my skincare and I’m happy to share with anyone that wants to learn more!
  9. Keep your hands off of your face…no picking! If you get a blemish…don’t pick! Not only are you risking bacteria entering your wound, you often drive the bacteria deeper into the skin. It’s best to leave it alone or if you can’t stand it, visit an esthetician for an emergency fix!
  10. Adapt your skin care regimen to the climate (Look for my blog Skin Care Tips for Travel to Different Climates)


Keep these top 10 healthy skin habits in mind everyday for newer, brighter you!


Need help with which products to use? I can help!