March 2016

Hunting for Great Skincare This Easter?

Easter 2016

Hunting for great skincare this Easter? Look no further! Rodan+Fields has some of the best hidden gems you could ask for.


R+F has such high profile products that sometimes our lesser known products get lost in the shuffle. As my Easter gift to you, I’m going to highlight some products that you may not know about – some very shiny eggs for your basket.


  1. The Amp MD roller was touted by Today Show as the best spent minute in anti-aging and it’s a fabulous way to get the most out of your products. It can be used on all skin types except sensitive skin and active acne.
  2. The Macro-Exfoliator is another fabulous tool that’s used once a week to sweep away up to 5 MILLION dead skin cells in just 5 minutes. The Review Broads loved it!
  3. Lip Serum is addictive! I love it! And so does Vogue! Fuller, plumper lips are just a swipe away!
  4. Acute Care – Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle required! Here’s how it works!


Easter is a time for renewal. These products will supplement your daily skincare routine and put you well on your way to a newer, younger-looking you! Guaranteed.


Need more help finding the right products for you? The attached link will take you to the Solutions Tool where the doctors’ combined knowledge is packed into a quick assessment tool that will recommend the correct product for your skin type! The first 25 people to complete the assessment (by sending an email at the end of the tool) will receive a FREE Gift from me! The email will contain a summary of the information for your easy reference in the future.


When hunting for great skincare this Easter, start with Rodan+Fields!

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Think Great Skin Is Just For The Lucky?


Think great skin is just for the lucky? Guess again!   


I always thought that people aged like their parents. Seriously, in high school, I remember having conversations about skin and being told “your mom looks great, so you will age gracefully, too!” and I was hopeful that was the case because my mom always looked so young. She is now almost 78 and looks AMAZING!!  


But, what if your mom doesn’t look so good? Are you doomed to wrinkles and premature aging? NO! Researchers have found that only 20% of how we visibly age is due to our genetics. That means that 80% is due to the environment and our habits! This is great news!!


But, what if you look in the mirror and don’t love what you see? Do you still think great skin is just for the lucky? I have more good news! If you thought you were a lost cause, due to years of suntanning with baby oil and aluminum foil or from years of smoking, it’s not too late! It’s never too late to start reversing the visible signs of aging. I grew up on the soccer field and didn’t know the word sunscreen. When we lived in California, I had sunburned hair – no joke. My dark brown hair was dried to a crisp and turned a burnt red. I can only imagine the damage that sun did to my skin! What I wouldn’t give to go back and redo those sunburns! After having 4 kids, the last being twins, I had terrible melasma. I was so thankful to find skincare that could help reverse the damage. Today, my skin looks amazing!  


You, too, can start on the road to younger looking skin by incorporating an effective daily skincare regimen and adding some good skin habits (like sunscreen) and other hidden gems from my recent blog Hunting for Great Skincare this Easter. Knowing you control your skin’s destiny is almost as good as finding a four-leaf clover! Proven results with a money back guarantee is even better!


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