January 2016


Thank you for finding us! If you’re here it means you want to get serious about skincare and stopping the aging process in its tracks – maybe even turning back time. We’re excited to be your introduction to Rodan+Fields.


Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv®, R+F exemplifies innovation. The extensive line of products means there is something for everyone no matter your age or skin type. Rodan+Fields aims to “redefine the future of aging.” If you’re already familiar with the products, you know we’re succeeding. If you haven’t used our products yet, welcome to your journey to healthy, glowing skin!


R+F consultants are trained to help you find your skincare match. We are committed to making sure the experience you have with our products and the company leave you feeling excited and renewed. Personal attention to your needs is a top priority for us. You should be proud of what you see when you look in a mirror and we want to be your partner in making that happen. Do you want to find your way to a new you? Someone who gets complimented on how lovely her skin looks today? Our consultants are ready to help.


Already in love with R+F skincare and want to know more about how to earn free products, put some money in your pocket and help others be proud of their own reflections? Consider becoming a consultant. R+F has been the fastest growing skincare company in the country for the last six years and our acne line leads the field for premium acne products. Our commitment to “achieving a high standard of excellence in business operations” has paved the way to numerous awards for business campaigns and products. We have worked hard to be a company you can trust. Being part of our team means having people around you who support you and are dedicated to your success.


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Getting Started with Rodan + Fields

getting started with rodan fields


Getting started with Rodan + Fields is easy. And how I got started is a funny story! I was invited to a business launch my sweet aunt was hosting. However, she didn’t want me, she wanted me to bring a good friend of mine! Oops! She assumed that because I had four children I would be far too busy and not interested in this opportunity. She was right! However, I was hearing things like “Proactiv doctors“, “Stanford trained dermatologists”, “clinically proven products” and “money back guarantee” and I knew this company was going to be big. But, that voice in my head said “mom of four”, “twins”, “you don’t have time!” But, then “it” happened! I heard this business wasn’t a party based company – no required parties, no inventory and no deliveries! I was all in!


My business background helped me to quickly see that these Proactiv doctors were going places and I knew I’d kick myself in five years if I didn’t give it a try. All it takes is wifi and a dream! I knew I could build a lucrative business around the crazy busy schedule of my four kids! I jumped in and have loved every minute of it! I’m already making a six figure income, which takes many people a lifetime to achieve in corporate America, and I’ve recently earned my free Lexus, compliments of the doctors!


When I found this opportunity, I wasn’t looking for a career. I just wanted a distraction. I had been at home for eight years and as the mom of 4 four, I no longer had anything that was mine! I seriously couldn’t have a glass of water without someone wanting a sip! I needed something for me! But, once I began this whole journey, I found so much more than I was looking for….I found the sense of accomplishment and success that I had enjoyed in my 20+ year career. I found that surrounding myself with these amazing entrepreneurs was a the most uplifting and inspiring thing ever! I never expected to have so much fun! I am forever grateful to RF for giving me the satisfaction of a traditional career while living life on my terms! Work that includes no weekends, no holidays, no early mornings, unless I say so.

If YOU are looking for a career that you can have on your own terms that is just as rewarding as the one you currently have, it’s time to have a chat. If you are in a career that you hate because you don’t see a way out, it’s time to have a chat. If you want to change your circumstances in 2016, it’s time to have a chat.

Getting started with Rodan + Fields is so easy.

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Kelly Wilhelm